Baobab Featured at Cosmofarma in Bologna Italy

Baobab il gigante buono

Aessere displayed a variety of baobab products including baobab fruit pulp (bulk and single serving envelopes), chewable baobab fruit pulp tablets, baobab oil, baobab face creams and baobab face mask (made with micronised baobab leaf). The theme "Baobab, il gigante buono" translates to "Baobab, the gentle giant", referring to the giant, but lifegiving baobab tree.

baobab presented

A representative describes the product line. In the foreground in baobab half shells is baobab fruit pulp, micronised baobab leaf, and baobab seed exfoliant

baobab product brochure

A brochure showing some of Aessere's baobab offerings

baobab product display

In the display case: top shelf- baobab fruit pulp bulk, tablets and single serving packets; middle shelf- combination packs; botttom shelf- cosmetic products, baobab oils, face fluid, face mask, and body cream

baobab bulk fruit pulp

Baobab Fruit Pulp (bulk)