How to Drink Baobab

Baobab is easily dispersed into water or juice. Room temperature (cool) water works best.

First, use about 1 tablespoon of baobab

baobab drink

Next, put the baobab into the glass (12 oz in this case).

baobab in glass

Add water 1/3 to 1/2 full. Using a flat knife, disperse the powder into the water.

disperse the baobab powder

Fill the glass almost to the top with water. Mix completely. The drink is now ready.

mix the baobab

I prefer to add some sugar to sweeten a little.

sweeten baobab

Sometimes, I add a little juice, like this Bom Dia Kirkland Acai Blueberry. The taste of Baobab is not overwhelming, so it does not take much juice (1-2 ounces).

baobab with acai blueberry
baobab acai blueberry