Baobab Fruit Pulp, Soluble Fiber Extract (45% soluble fiber): Preliminary Data

Baobab Red Fiber



Gluten Free

Completely Soluble


Product Designation: BSF-45

Description: Baobab Fruit Soluble Fibers can be used as a sugar and fat replacer, and in low-calorie foods (it is 0,46 Kcal per gram). It is also low-Carbohydrates (0,099 g per Gram) , about 0 Fat presence (the product is derived from Dried Fruit) giving it good future potential in foods marketed as low on the glycaemic index and Prebiotic Activity (45 % Soluble Fibers).

LABEL DECLARATION: Adansonia digitata (BAOBAB) Fruit Pulp - Spray Dried Extract Non GMO: Product does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Product is derived from a non allergen source and presents essentially no allergenic risk to consumers.

REGULATORY STATEMENT: This product is manufactured under sanitary conditions in full compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended, following current good manufacturing practices. DESCRIPTION Light brown Powder completely water-soluble .

Indicated for Fruit Puree and Juice Formulations with High Soluble Fibers Content. No Additive added, Completely Natural. Sour Taste.


FINAL PRODUCT:(Baobab Fruit Soluble Fibre): ITALY

VARIETY Adansonia digitata L.


SOLUBLE DIETARY FIBRE 40.0-45.0 5,3 g/100g

UNSOLUBLE DIETARY FIBRE 0,00- 1.00. 0,2 g/100g

TOTAL DIETARY FIBRE 40.0-47.0 6,8 g/100g

MOISTURE [E105C] 7.0-8.4 0,3 g/100g

ASH 5.70-6.90 0,11 g/100g

TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES 42.0-47.0 5,3 g/100 g.

FLAVOR Typical Baobab Fruit Pulp Flavor Characteristic

COLOR Light Brown Powder

FATS 0.1-0.4 g/100g

PROTEINS (NX6,25) 1.1-1.9 g. /100 g.

Yeast & Moulds < 300 cfu/g

Coliform < 0,3 UFC g.

Pathogens N.D.

PB < 1.0 PPM

AS < 0.5 PPM

Standard Plate Count < 10.000 cfu/g

Energetic Value (KJ) 750-820 kJ/100 g.

Energetic Value (Kcal) 150-220 kcal/100g

Acidity 20C (pH sol 2% water) 3 - 4.9 0,5

Flash point > 130 C

Foreign Materials Absent as far as can achieved by technical and manual inspection

Pesticides Residue Conform to the import country regulations

Additives & Preservatives None

Shelf Life Minimum 12 Months in unopened original Packaging, Max 15 degree Celsius